Professor David Morley is Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths University and is the author of many influential works of media theory, including The Nationwide Audience (1980) and Media, Modernity, and Technology: the Geography of the New (2007).

Professor André Jansson is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Karlstad University, and is the editor of Geographies of Communication: The Spatial Turn in Media Studies (2006, with Jesper Falkheimer) and author of Cosmopolitanism and the Media: Cartographies of Change (2015, with Miyase Christensen).

Dr. Marie-Laure Ryan is scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado Boulder, and author of Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media (2000) and Narrating Space/Spatializing Narrative: Where Narrative Theory and Geography Meet (2016, with Kenneth Foote and Maoz Azaryahu).