Locating Imagination: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Literary, Film and Music Tourism

The main topic of this research project is media tourism: the phenomenon of people travelling to places because of an association with a film, television series, novel, song or other media product. Recently, significant growth has been detected in this form of tourism, with far-reaching consequences for the locations concerned. The aim of this project is to investigate contemporary examples of media tourism in Europe and to identify and explain possible variations. 

Existing knowledge about the phenomenon of film tourism is still highly fragmented. This project aims to be the first in which interdisciplinary research will be conducted, involving an analysis and comparison of literary, cinematic and musical examples of media tourism. By investigating commonalities and differences, we intend to highlight how literature, film and music – each in their own way – stimulate the geographical imagination and literally ‘move’ audiences across the globe. The research is based on a combination of qualitative research methods, involving content analysis and ethnographic fieldwork.

- Start of the Project: 1/2/2013 – End of the Project: 1/2/2017